Insurance is all about claims. An insurance policy is merely a piece of paper and it is not until a claim is made that the quality of the protection represented by that paper can be judged.

There are some very basic procedures that an organization must put into effect in order to ensure that the claims process is initiated and handled in a proper fashion:

  • It should ensure that immediate response by adjusters would occur.
  • It should minimize the administrative impact of loss and the subsequent adjustment process upon the normal business activity of operations.
  • It should produce and maintain accurate data on losses and claims (insured or self-insured) for risk management and loss control purposes.

We will assist you in establishing claims reporting procedures including, where possible, pre-assigning of control adjusters. We will make sure that your thoughts are clearly understood by the broker, adjusters and insurers and more importantly, if a difference in opinion arises regarding coverage or settlement we can help you decide what action you can take.

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